Engineered Lighting Solutions

For the past 20 years, we have worked with most major mining corporations to develop equipment-specific configurations and fixtures. Using the latest technology, coupled with our IP in engineering, compagnies are able to eliminate substantial costs associated with unscheduled maintenance, potential injuries, and the mining industry's footprint on the environment.

Our lighting fit outs go beyond epuipment instructions. We provide on-site consulting for new projects, maintenance schedules for proper replacement of equipment lighting, and safety standards for properly lighting work areas.

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Choose the Ideal Products by Machine Type
Prospector 5 LED 35W
Prospector 5 LED 50W
Prospector 9 LED 63W
Prospector 9 LED 90W
Prospector 12 LED 84W
Prospector 12 LED 120W
BT Heavy Duty 5 LED 35W
BT Heavy Duty 9 LED 63W
BT Heavy Duty 12 LED 84W
BT Heavy Duty 20 LED 140W
Heavy Duty Beacon 36W
DURA Mini 12W
ID Board
BlackTips 5 LED 35W
BlackTips 9 LED 63W
BlackTips 12 LED 84W
BlackTips 20 LED 140W
Drift Strobe
AC Pitmaster Flood 280W
AC Junction Box 50W
Junction Box 10W
Red Kill Zone
AC Pitmaster 140W
Park Brake Indicator
HammerHeads 2 LED 20W
HammerHeads 4 LED 40W
HammerHeads 6 LED 60W
HammerHeads 9 LED 90W
HammerHeads 16 LED 160W
HammerHeads 32 LED 320W
Pitmaster 30 LED 150W
Pitmaster 60 LED 300W
Ripper 12 LED 60W
Ripper 20 LED 100W


Vision X USA

-IEC 62471 Photo Biological Tested - No Effect on Human Eye or Skin
-5000k Color Temperature Reduces Operator Fatigue
-Low Voltage Electronics Eliminates Risk of Shock
-Thermally Regulated Housings Eliminate Touch Burns
-Increased Light Output Reduces Near Miss Incidences
-RoHS Compliant Electronics Contain No Lead or Mercury

Vision X Europe
Preventative Maintenance

-Long Life LED Exceeds Half Engine Life
-Solid State Components Completely Resist Vibration
- Low Startup Current Draw Reduces Wear on Associated Components
-Built-In Redundancy Lessens Chance of Full Fixture Failure
-Built-In Thermal Management Prevents Overheating
-IP-69K Rated Housings for Superior Ingress Protection

Vision X Asia
Cost Savings

-Reduces Associated Component Wear
-Less Expensive Than OE and HID Options
-Increased Reliability for Increased Production
-Reduces or Removes Unscheduled Lighting Maintenance
-Increased Productivity Due to Less Operator Fatigue
-Streamline Inventory Counts to Common Solution

Vision X Asia

-RoHS Compliant Electronics
-Contains No Lead or Mercury
-Reduced CO2 Emissions
-No Hazardous Disposal Required
-Reduce Light Pollution