Tube Clamp Mounts

Universal holder for mounting on tubes/pipes (diameter: 19-76 mm)
Vision X Europe BlackTips BLB5
  • Includes All Rubber Gasket and Hardware
  • Anodized Aluminum
  • Universal Tube Clamp Mounts

    The Vision X tube frame mount is the updated design of our mounting clamps for use with any light or accessory, allowing a flat mounting surface. The clamp fits a 19mm | 25mm | 32mm | 38mm | 45mm | 50mm | 57mm | 64mm | 76mm tubes, and comes as a pair with a rubber insert that allows for further adjustable mounting diameter as well as protection of the tube being utilized a mount. The Clamp features a M8 or M10 through hole.


    ITEM# Diameter Bolt
    XIL-C075 19mm M8
    XIL-C100 25mm M8
    XIL-C120 32mm M8
    XIL-C150 38mm M8
    XIL-C175 45mm M8
    XIL-C200 50mm M10
    XIL-C225 57mm M10
    XIL-C250 64mm M10
    XIL-C300 76mm M10