Security Bolts

Security Hardware
Vision X Europe BlackTips BLB5
  • Fit Virtually Any Bolt
  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Easy to Use Added Security
  • Security Bolts Usage Guide

    The Vision X security bolt hardware comes in standard metric sizes to fit most lights, and also works as an upgrade for any matching size metric hardware. Using the Security Bolts means that the bolts cannot be removed without the specially designed key. The Security Bolts comes with 2 security bolts and 1 keyed allen wrench tool.


    ITEM# Size
    XIL-SB0615 6x15
    XIL-SB0620 6x20
    XIL-SB0815 8x15
    XIL-SB0820 8x20
    XIL-SB0825 8x25