500 Watt Metal Halide Replacement For Marine Applications
Vision X Europe MAR Pitmaster 30
  • LEDs: 30 x 5W
  • Interpon 810 Anti Corrosive Coating
  • Support Brackets: Stainless steel 316
  • Light Colour Temp: 5000 Kelvin (Available from 2.700k to 6.500k)
  • EMC/EMI Approval: CISPR25-Class 3
  • Dimensions: 298.5/195.5/127.5 mm
  • Weight: 5.6 kg
  • Voltage: 11-65V DC - 100-277V AC
  • Amperage: 6.25A@24V DC - 1.25A@120V AC
  • Vibration Rating: 60 Grms
  • Lens Material: Polycarbonate
  • Certifications: CE, RoHS, IEC 62471
  • The Pit Master series was designed with many applications in mind, from drill rigs to light towers. Stainless steel bracket with upgraded electronics for marine use.

    Pitmaster 30 LED Usage Guide

    Pit Master 30: Direct 1 for 1 replacement for 400-500 Watt HPS lighting for 70% reduction in power consumption while increasing effective output by 30% | Integrated Electronic Thermal Management | Reinforced Gasketed Bezel | Reverse Polarity Operation | Polycarbonate Lens | Integrated Deutsch Connector | Redundant Circuity Design | Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket.

    Copper Plated Board

    Anti-corrosion The Maritime products from Vision X feature a copper electronic board to eliminate any chance of corrosion. Additionally, the copper board helps reduce above-ground CISPR

    Above Ground Maritime

    Saltwater Protection The unique gloss coating used on Maritime products from Vision X Greatly reduces the dramatic impact that saltwater has on traditional lighting fixture housing

    CISPR 25

    Class 3 Rated To limit the RF noise that your work light introduces into electronics/radios, enabling better communication.


    ITEM# Beam Pattern Raw Lumens Effective Lumens Wattage
    MAR-PMX3010 10° Narrow 15,840 lm(ea) 11.540 lm(ea) 150 Watt
    MAR-PMX3025 25° Medium 15,840 lm(ea) 11.540 lm(ea) 150 Watt
    MAR-PMX3040 40° Wide 10.360 lm(ea) 7.563 lm(ea) 100 Watt
    MAR-PMX3060 60° Extra Wide 15,840 lm(ea) 11.540 lm(ea) 150 Watt
    MAR-PMX3090 90° Xtrem Wide 15,840 lm(ea) 11.540 lm(ea) 150 Watt
    MAR-PMX30E3065 30x65° Elliptical 15,840 lm(ea) 11.540 lm(ea) 150 Watt
    Vision X Europe BHB Features

    Long life - 50,000 hours

    Using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), the LEDs are being turned on and off at a frequency quicker than the human eye can detect. This technology allows the LEDs to be driven hard whilst still achieving a long life span of 50,000 hours.

    Moulded DT connectors

    Any product is only as good as its components and Deutsch’s moulded DT connectors are manufactured from high quality materials selected for their ability to withstand years of environmental exposure.

    Electronic thermal management

    In an extraordinary situation where the light is subjected to massive heat overload, a self protection protocol is engaged to reduce the light output, until such time as the heat overload retreats to normal parameters.

    Reverse polarity protection

    BT Series lights will not sustain accidental damage if the polarity to the light is reversed by incorrect installation.