Cannon ADV 8700 - 140 Watt

THE PERFECT COMBO DRIVING BEAM produces Over 900m of Usable Light

  • LEDs: 14 x 10W
  • Housing Material: Hybrid
  • Light Colour Temp: 6000 Kelvin
  • Dimensions: 223/240/103mm
  • Weight: 2.3 kg
  • Voltage: 9-32V DC
  • Amperage: 5.8A@24V DC - 11.67A@12V DC
  • Vibration Rating: 21.2 Grms
  • Lens Material: Acryl
  • Certifications: CE, RoHS, IEC 62471
  • Weatherproof Deutsch Connector

  • Highest quality 10W LED
    Industry leading 10(x14) watt CREE LED provides the greatest lighting output from a multi-source LED light of its size. The top binned 6000K LED ensures a true Day-White color temperature, while achieving the highest efficiency levels possible. Simply put, Vision X only uses the best and the brithest LEDs available.
    Iris Reflecor And Optic Combo
    Combining the superior distance of Iris Reflectors with two Elliptical optics, the ADV Light Cannon shines a powerful & smooth light pattern for all terrains. From curving roads to high-speed trails, the Driving/Combo beam pattern is the perfect blend of light.
    Daytime Running Halo
    Industry leading Halo provides the smoothest back lit glow day or night. Choose to run as a daytime Running Light or place on a separate switch for style lighting on demand.
    Cannon ADV 8700 - 140W Usage Guide


    Steel trunnion mount provides 45° of lighting adjustment secured by a robust locking system.


    The Light Cannon features a housing engineered with both aluminum for increased strength and poly carbonate to reduce weight.


    Designed for simple installation, the LED Light Cannon features a sturdy, single-bolt universal mounting system.


    The Light Cannon LED combines the benefits of LED lighting, including low power consumption and 50,000 hour lifespan, with the standard form factor of a traditional HID or Halogen light.


    With 25 available covers for the Light Cannon, multiple configurations are available including euro, combo, Elliptical and flood beam covers as well as amber, red, blue, clear and black covers for different conditions.

    Vision X Europe Cannon Covers beam graphic
    ITEM# Beam Pattern Color
    PCV-8500BL Blackout cover Black
    PCV-8500 Spot Clear
    PCV-8500CB Combo Clear
    PCV-8500EU Euro Clear
    PCV-8500FL Trail Flood Clear
    PCV-8500WF Wide Flood Clear
    PCV-8500EL Elliptical Clear
    PCV-8500B Spot Blue
    PCV-8500BCB Combo Blue
    PCV-8500BEU Euro Blue
    PCV-8500BFL Trail Flood Blue
    PCV-8500BWF Wide Flood Blue
    PCV-8500BEL Elliptical Blue
    PCV-8500Y Spot Yellow
    PCV-8500YCB Combo Yellow
    PCV-8500YEU Euro Yellow
    PCV-8500YFL Trail Flood Yellow
    PCV-8500YWF Wide Flood Yellow
    PCV-8500YEL Elliptical Yellow
    PCV-8500R Spot Red
    PCV-8500RCB Combo Red
    PCV-8500REU Euro Red
    PCV-8500RFL Trail Flood Red
    PCV-8500RWF Wide Flood Red
    PCV-8500REL Elliptical Red

    ITEM# Beam Pattern Raw Lumens Effective Lumens Wattage
    CGA-CPMH14M Combo: Spot + Elliptical 14.980 lm(ea) 10.486 lm(ea) 140 Watt
    CGA-CPMH14MKIT Combo: Spot + Elliptical 2 x 14.980 lm(ea) 2 x 10.486 lm(ea) 2 x 140 Watt
    Vision X Europe Cannon 25w Features
    Available Cover Options

    Each Light Cannon is 25 Lights In One with the help of the unbreakable polycarbonate snap-on covers that can alter the beam pattern and change the color of the Cannon. Tackle any weather condition with the proper color cover, or quickly change your spot cover to a flood cover for a wider beam when necessary.

    Vision X Europe Cannon Clear Covers

    Clear Covers - Protective
    The clear polycarbonate cover provides protection from the elements while out on the trail or on the dunes. Clear covers are also available in euro and flood configurations.

    Vision X Europe Cannon Blue Covers

    Blue Covers - Snow
    The blue polycarbonate cover optimizes the Cannon for driving on snow. Blue covers are also available in euro and flood configurations.

    Vision X Europe Cannon Amber Covers

    Yellow Covers - Fog
    The yellow polycarbonate cover optimizes the Cannon for driving in heavy fog by removing the blue light waves to reduce glare back at the driver. Yellow covers are also available in euro and flood configurations.

    Vision X Europe Cannon Red Covers

    Red Covers - Dust
    The red polycarbonate cover optimizes the Cannon for driving in heavy dust by penetrating particulate in the air. Red covers are also available in euro and flood configurations.

    Vision X Europe Cannon Black Covers

    Black Covers - Protective
    The black out covers allow for street legal applications and operate as a safety indicator by glowing in the dark.

    Vision X Europe Cannon Spot Covers

    Spot - Beam
    Spot covers maintain original lighting beam pattern while protecting the lens from harmful debris.

    Vision X Europe Cannon Combo Covers

    Combo - Beam
    Combo covers combine the distance of a spot cover with the added peripheral illumination of a elliptical cover.

    Vision X Europe Cannon Euro Covers

    Euro - Beam
    Illuminate some peripherals while maintaining effective distance.

    Vision X Europe Cannon Elliptical Covers

    Elliptical - Beam
    Reduces peripheral illumination while losing minor distance.

    Vision X Europe Cannon Wide Flood Covers

    Wide Flood - Beam
    Maximum wide field of view illumination in exchange for distance.

    Vision X Europe Cannon Trail Flood Covers

    Trail Flood - Beam
    Maximum vertical field of view illumination in exchange for distance.