Optitech Beacon

LED Rotating Beacon
Vision X Europe UF32
  • LEDs: 6*5 watt (30W) hight power LEDs
  • True rotating fonction
  • Housing Material: Aluminium
  • EMC/EMI Approval: CISPR25-Class 3
  • Dimensions: 154/154/139mm
  • Weight: 0.33 kg
  • Voltage: 10-33V DC
  • Amperage: 0.5A @24V DC, 1A@12V DC
  • Vibration Rating: 15.6 Grms
  • Certifications: ECE R65, ECE R10, RoHS, IEC 60068-2-64, ISO 16750-3

    Optitech LED beacons are engineered to produce smooth, highly visible rotating patterns suitable for all civil applications. This has been achieved by a proprietary reflector optic to spread the light combined with 6 x 5 watt high power LEDs. This output ensures Optitech LED Beacons meet Heavy Vehicle Regulation 2013 No.77. This extreme output also makes the Optitech beacon range as visible even as traditional halogen beacons with 55W (or 70W) globes with a fraction of the current draw.
    Optitech LED Range Usage Guide

    The Opitech LED Beacon range has been designed to include all industry mounting types and suit all municipal and agricultural applications. The range includes flange mount (3 bolt), single bolt, pole mount, flexible pole mount and DC vacuum magnetic mount options ensure the ultimate in adaptability from the program.

    The stepper motor is also resistant to vibration. The Optitech LED Beacons have been vibration (IEC 60068-2-64) and mechanical shock (ISO 16750-3) tested to ensure they can withstand the rigours of the commercial environment.

    The Optitech LED beacon is also not susceptible to voltage spikes. This common occurrence can blow a halogen globe very easily. The Optitech beacon is rated at 10-33V and has over voltage protection to ensure no failures due to high voltage.


    Vision X Europe Optimax Features
    ITEM# LED Color Mount Option Dimensions Weight Wattage
    OPT-85660A Amber Flange Mount 154/154/139 mm 0.33 kg 30 Watt
    OPT-85664PA Amber Pole Mount 154/154/202 mm 0.33 kg 30 Watt
    OPT-85668MA Amber Magnetic Mount 154/154/147 mm 0.33 kg 30 Watt
    OPT-85660AG Amber/Green Flange Mount 154/154/139 mm 0.33 kg 30 Watt
    Vision X Europe Optimax Features
    Vision X Europe Optimax Features