Aerotech Heavy Duty Beacon

LED Strobe & Rotate Beacon
Vision X Europe UF32
  • LEDs: 36*3 watt (109W) hight power LEDs
  • Strobe & Rotate fonction
  • Housing Material: Polycarbonate
  • EMC/EMI Approval: CISPR25-Class 3
  • Dimensions: 160/156/154mm
  • Weight: 0.879 kg
  • Voltage: 10-33V DC
  • Amperage: 1.1A(Rotate) 2.4A(Flash)@12V DC
  • Vibration Tests: IEC 60068-2-64
  • Certifications: ECE R10, ECE R65, RoHS, ISO 16750-3

    Building on our revolutionary AeroTech® strobe DNA, Aerotech® Heavy Duty LED strobes are even more visible, durable, and adaptable than their smaller siblings. With a larger profile and greater light output, AeroTech® Heavy Duty strobes are ideal for larger vehicles. A tough new base and lens seal allows AeroTech® Heavy Duty strobes to thrive in the harshest environments, including above and below ground mine sites. With four different colour options, AeroTech® Heavy Duty strobes cover.
    Aerotech HD LED Beacons Usage Guide

    The primary function of a warning light is to be seen. AeroTech's® unique trilobular shape creates a greater horizontal surface area of visible light.* This larger area of illumination translates to better visibility and a safer work site.

    The trilobular shape allows smoother airflow around the strobe, resulting in up to 60% less drag.* The real world benefit of this is less high speed wind noise while driving, compared to round strobes.

    Day/Night Light Sensor
    Because of their extreme brightness, AeroTech® strobes also include an integrated light sensor which automatically switches the strobe between high and low power modes. This ensures the strobe does not dazzle road users or workers at night or in low light conditions. In addition, the AeroTech® range has a switching wire which allows manual day/night selection for increased user flexibility.

    Tested harder for longer.
    AeroTech® HD goes far beyond in terms of durability. Firstly the use of a diecast aluminium base makes them more resistant to vibration and shock. To prove this, they have been tested for vibration (IEC 60068-2-64) and mechanical shock (ISO 16750-3) but also been put through the even more stringent military spec vibration test MIL-STD-810G. Secondly the base and lens seal have been beefed up to ensure not just IP67 but also IP69K which means they can be pressure washed at high heat ideal for industrial and mining applications where the vehicles get extra dirty. These two key factors added to all the factors mentioned in the range DNA makes these strobes ideal for any application up to and including both above and below ground mining applications where conditions are toughest.

    Vision X Europe Optimax Features

    Vision X Europe Optimax Features
    ITEM# LED Color Mount Option Dimensions Weight Wattage
    AERO-85618A Amber Flange Mount 100/156/154 mm 0.616 kg 18*5W (90 Watt)
    AERO-85620A Amber Flange Mount 160/156/154 mm 0.879 kg 36*3W (109 Watt)
    AERO-85620B Blue Flange Mount 160/156/154 mm 0.879 kg 36*3W (109 Watt)
    AERO-85620BC Blue/Clear Flange Mount 160/156/154 mm 0.879 kg 36*3W (109 Watt)
    AERO-85618MA Amber Magnetic Base 124/156/154 mm 1.216 kg 18*5W (90 Watt)
    AERO-85618PA Amber Pole Mount 140/156/154 mm 0.680 kg 18*5W (90 Watt)
    Vision X Europe Aerotech Features

    Vision X Europe Optimax Features

    Vision X Europe Aerotech Option Mount Features