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Who Are We ?

Vision X Lighting based in Seattle, WA, USA, established in 1997 with the mission to revolutionize the lighting industry

Today is exactly what we do.

From our offices in Seattle, we plan and develop future technologies to provide ever more reliable and more efficient projectors of the latest generation.

Our factory (‘’Vision X Asia’’) in South Korea is among the most modern plants in the world, with advanced equipments to manufacture and test all our products.
Thanks to steady growth in recent years, at the beginning of 2015, we opened our new production '' home '' that extends over a surface of 15,000 m2. Our factory has also achieved certifications such as ISO9001 & 14001 as well as several awards for its environmental friendliness.

Vision X Europe in Belgium was created in 2011 to strengthen the image and continue to evolve the brand on the old continent. ! Everyday new customers and partners join us, trust us so we can make all machines equipped for the next generation of our LED lights.Vision X Lighting is one of the key players and suppliers of lighting solutions for all types of static and rolling stock. Prestigious companies such as NASA, the US Army and other major world renowned machinery manufacturers work with us; from mining to agricultural crops through the seas and forests to finish on our roads to help public aid.

There's always a Vision X brand projector that is perfect for you!

    Infrastructure - Services :

    Vision X Global is composed of six divisions to provide specific products tailored to the areas for which they are solicited. Here is a brief explanation of our product codes to better identify the models that are made for you:

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    • 1. CTL : « Commercial Truck Lighting » : Products intended for use on the Automotive Market, Transport and the Automobile Competition.

      2. XIL : For General LED . The widest range of Vision X with products that can be used in construction, in the forestry sector, for military equipment, off-road and hundreds of other areas.

      3. MAR : For Marine: Projectors strengthened and adapted to withstand the harsh conditions that may be encountered at sea; special paints, stands ALU316, Copperboard corrosion PCBs are some of the strengths of this series.

      4. DURA : For Duralux : Versatile, compact and powerful, this range is very popular in agriculture as well as excavators, forklifts and other machinery of smaller dimensions.

      5. MIL : For « Mining Industrial Light » : This is a reinforced range that withstands extreme vibrations. This range may be appropriate in different sectors such as mining, the construction industry and drilling ,... This range is also suitable for other large machines that need powerful and robust projectors.

      5.1 MXL : For « Extreme Mining » : The MXL Mining Range is the premier line of LED products for use on mine sites. The MXL Range enhances lighting performance, increases durability and simplifies maintenance with new features for the most dependable lighting for Extreme mining appliactions.

      6. XLS : For « Incident Response Case » : These products are intended to be used daily by police and firefighters.

    • Quality And Environmental Policy :

      We are proud to meet the standards of quality and sustainability of our projectors, guaranteeing a long life and efficiency of lighting several years.
      Our products are tested and certified by external laboratories so that the consumer benefits from material that meets the current standards on the entire territory of the European Union.

    • Vision x Europe
    • Vision x Europe