• XPL Curved Light Bar

    Slim Style and Performance Vision X Europe XPL

    IRIS reflector technology - Radiused Style & Performance

    The XPL Curved Halo Series LED Light Bar is our solution to growing demand for high performance curved light bars.
    We did it better and we are the first to do it featuring an ultra slim 2” housing with high intensity single row 5W LEDs.
    Utilizing our Iris Reflector Technology coupled with the unique curve of the bar, the XPL Curved Series produces a broad spot beam pattern that reaches over 1,800ft with up 23,005 raw lumens.

Technical Information

PART# Beam Pattern Raw Lumens Dimensions Amp Draw Wattage
XPL-HC15EMH 10° Spot 8,025 lm(ea) 508/51/55 mm 6.25A@12V DC 75 Watt
XPL-HC23EMH 10° Spot 12,305 lm(ea) 762/51/55 mm 9.58A@12V DC 115 Watt
XPL-HC31EMH 10° Spot 16,585 lm(ea) 1016/51/55 mm 12.92A@12V DC 155 Watt
XPL-HC39EMH 10° Spot 20,865 lm(ea) 1270/51/55 mm 16.25A@12V DC 195 Watt
XPL-HC43EMH 10° Spot 23,005 lm(ea) 1346/51/55 mm 17.92A@12V DC 215 Watt
Vision X Europe

XPL Curved Light Bar Features

  • Smooth Balcklit
  • Proprietary IRIS Reflector Technology
  • Weatherproof Deutsch Connector
  • Polycarbonate Lens

  • High Intensity CREE LED
    The 5W XP-L-HI LED from CREE is what allows the XPL to project light up to 2.067 ft. (630m.).

    Smooth backlight
    The XPL comes equipped with a back-lit halo that can be used as a daytime running light. (SAE Compliant for 20" and under).