• Video Extreme Light

    Mining Light Duralux 4

    Relay Video To Monitor With Integrated Camera
    Designed for use as a reverse light that combines high-output lighting with a high definition camera. With the VEL-M7 7" Monitor, you can safely see what's behind your vehicle while reversing. The 60° Flood beam pattern allows ample coverage of the roadway behind your vehicle. The Video Extreme Light comes standard with a short shield that blocks glare from entering the camera lens, helping produce a clear image.

Technical Information

PART# Beam Raw Lumens Dimensions Weight Wattage
VEL-CAMMON7KIT 60° Wide 3,168 lm(ea) 119.6/159.5/79.7 mm 1.1 kg 30 Watt



  • Illuminates Area While Simultaneously Relaying Video Feed
  • Available 7" Monitor For Video Feed (IN:VEL-M7) [Kit Availabe]
  • Durable Acrylic Lens For Clear Video
  • Six 5-Watt LEDs For 1,368 Lumens
  • Infared Model Available