• IR850-IR940 Solstice Solo

    Compact for Universal Applications

    Vision X Europe Xmitter Prime Xtreme

    Original Light Bar With Seamless Beam

    10 Watt Infrared LED Lights are Available in 850 and 940 Nanometers Infrared LED’s enhance night vision apabilities for military personnel, and for infrared vehicle lighting, security lighting applications, and other covert general area infrared lighting. Vision X infrared lighting has been trusted by only the best like the U.S. Border Patrol, the Department of Defense, and the U.S. Military.

  • Solstice Solo Infrared Series Usage Guide

    10 Watt Infrared LED

    The IR850 is slightly detectable to the naked eye with a reddish glow when the LED’s are activated. The LED only emits a red light one to two inches. The IR850 holds the advantage of illuminating brighter than the IR940. If night vision illumination is your top priority than the IR850 LED will be the best available option.
    The IR940 is virtually invisible to the human eye while activated with a very faint purplish glow. The IR940 LED emits virtually no light. The IR940 is the ultimate infrared LED light when stealth is of the utmost importance. Application is the deciding factor in which IR light you chose, and which is more important, stealth or illumination.

Technical Information

PART# Beam Pattern Color
XIL-S1100.IR850 10° Narrow Black
XIL-S1100W.IR850 10° Narrow White
XIL-S1102.IR850 15° Medium Black
XIL-S1102W.IR850 15° Medium White
XIL-S1101.IR850 35° Wide Black
XIL-S1101W.IR850 35° Wide White
XIL-S1100.IR940 10° Narrow Black
XIL-S1100W.IR940 10° Narrow White
XIL-S1102.IR940 15° Medium Black
XIL-S1102W.IR940 15° Medium White
XIL-S1101.IR940 35° Wide Black
XIL-S1101W.IR940 35° Wide White
Vision X Europe


Solstice Solo IR850 Features

  • Mounting and Application Accessories Available
  • Expand to Create Multiple Bar Solutions
  • Less than 1 Amp Power Consumption
  • Omni-Link Interlocking System
  • Adjustable Mounting Bracket


    Vision X Europe Duralux 4Solo Accessories Mounts
    Accessories for Solo Pods for use in portable applications

    Vision X Europe Duralux 4XIL-SCOMBO Light(s) not included Features
    • Combine with Vision X Battery Packs for Portable On-The-Go Lighting
    • For Recreational or Professional Applications
    • Extends Applications of Solo Products
    • Tube Mounting 0,75"(19.05mm) - 1.25" (31.75mm)

    Battery Packs
    Turn Vision X Lighting portable. With a variety of options, battery packs make lighting on the go happen.

    Vision X Europe Duralux 4XPC-B30 Features
    • Portable Power Packs to for Universal Applications
    • Weatherproof Deutsch Connector
    • Rechargeable
    • Solo Run Time 5 Hours