• HID Search Light

    Vision X Europe Light Duralux 4

    Easy install on. Orinary vehicles, Boats, Train, Houses, Buildings, Any place where electricity is available

    Weather resistance and waterproof housing. Powerful Xenon lamp. Fully Up & Down 120 Degree /Left & Right 440 Degree Permanent mount.
    Xenon Bulb (High Intensity Discharge) H3 Base 12V 35W / 24V 35W Color temperature : 4300K Bulb life: 3000 hrs Beam Pattern : Spot Beam distance:942M (Xenon bulb)

Technical Information

PART# Rotate Beam Distance
HSL12LB 440° E120° Spot Beam Xenon 942 m
Vision X Europe



  • To avoid carrying bulky lighting equipment.
  • To prevent unknow threats in the dark
  • To prevent cold hand and rain-drenched clothes
  • To spot any corner any point.