• MINI Solo 1.7” Led POD

    Vision X Europe Duralux 4

    Compact 5-Watt LED for Universal Applications

    The Mini Solo is designed as universal lighting for tight installations, where maximum light output is needed.

  • Mini Solo Series Usage Guide

    The Mini Solo packs a 5 Watt LED into a 1.7” round housing. The Mini Solo is designed for use in almost any application.

    One Mini Solo pod produces 365 effective lumens of light, he highest light output per cubic inch on the market.

    The Mini Solo has attachable handle mounts, helmet mounts, handlebar mounts as well as battery packs. Perfect for on-the-go light.

    LOW POWER DRAWThe Mini Solo only draws 0.42 amps at 12 volts for an extremely low power draw.

Technical Information

PART# Beam Pattern Raw Lumens Dimensions Weight Wattage
XIL-MX110 10° Narrow 528 lm(ea) 42.92/64.77/59.94 mm 0.18 kg 5 Watt
XIL-MX140 40° Wide 528 lm(ea) 42.92/64.77/59.94 mm 0.18 kg 5 Watt
XIL-MX160 60° Extra Wide 528 lm(ea) 42.92/64.77/59.94 mm 0.18 kg 5 Watt
Vision X Europe



  • Highest Light Output Per Cubic Inch on the Market
  • Available Omni-Link Connected 3 Pods Together
  • Compatible with Select Solo Pod Accessories
  • Radial Fins Optimize Head Dissipation
  • Weatherproof Duetsch Connector
  • Die-Cast Aluminum Housing
  • Colored LEDs Available
  • Polycarbonate Lens

  • Solo Accessories Mounts
    Accessories for Solo Pods for use in portable applications

    Vision X Europe Duralux 4XIL-MXCOMBO Light(s) not included Features
    • Combine with Vision X Battery Packs for Portable On-The-Go Lighting
    • For Recreational or Professional Applications
    • Extends Applications of Solo Products
    • Tube Mounting 0,75"(19.05mm) - 1.25" (31.75mm)

    Battery Packs
    Turn Vision X Lighting portable. With a variety of options, battery packs make lighting on the go happen.

    Vision X Europe Duralux 4XPC-B30 Features
    • Portable Power Packs to for Universal Applications
    • Weatherproof Deutsch Connector
    • Rechargeable
    • Solo Run Time 5 Hours