• Mini Incident Response Case

    Vision X Europe Light Duralux 4

    Updated Lighter Weight Desing and 50% Longer Run Time
    The mini incident response case (XLS) comes with three different lighting variations:2 DURA work 4 LED Lights, 4 Solo Pod LED Lights or 2 Utility Market Square 7 LED Lights. Producing up to 6,902 lumens, the mini incident response case is the perfect lighting solution for emergency response, flagging stations, roadside assistance, scene lighting and other portable lighting scenarios. The case comes complete with a 12 volt output power source, usable to jump start vehicle batteries, as well as charge the case using the 12 volt power posts.

Technical Information

PART# Light Model Raw Lumens Dimensions Weight Wattage Run Time
XLS-M2DURA460BP 2xDURA-460 3,944 lm(ea) 445/203/635 mm 4.7 kg 40 Watt 12 Hours
XLS-M4S1160BP 4xXIL-S1160 3,440 lm(ea) 445/203/635 mm 4.7 kg 40 Watt 12 Hours
XLS-M2UMX4460BP 2xXIL-UMX4460 6,902 lm(ea) 445/203/635 mm 4.7 kg 70 Watt 7.5 Hours


  • Sets up in seconds No Tools Required
  • Up to 8 Foot Light Extension (24" Storage Height)
  • Provides Light Up to 12 Hours on full Charge
  • Flashing Yellow LED on base for Added Safety
  • Self-Contained Rechargeable Power Cell
  • 12v Output Power Source
  • Jump Start Vehicle or Charge from Vehicle with 12v Power Posts

  • Vision X Europe Light Duralux 4