• Forklift Safety Lighting - Blue LEDs

    Mining Light Duralux 4

    Safely Indicate When A Forklift is Backing Up Before Being Seen
    There are Over 19,000 Liftgate Accidents Pedestrians Each Year
    With the blue Utility Market LED light you can indicate from the base of the forklift up to 40' with the adjustable mounting system. The blue UM provides necessary safety for employees working in noisy environments or where ear protection is required and audible alarm mau not be sufficient.

Technical Information

PART# Beam Raw Lumens Dimensions Weight Wattage
XIL-UM4410BNF 10° Narrow 1,596 lm(ea) 119.56/108.8/80 mm 1.1 kg 21 Watt



  • Safely Indicate the Forklift In Noisy Environment
  • Single Stud Mounting
  • Improves Life Safety
  • Simple 2 Wire Install
  • 9-32V Input Voltage